2012 Inscriptions for Foreign Riders

- For this new season registration can ONLY be done through the RFME’s website, www.rfme.com


Riders that hold a RFME licence

In order to register for the season, it is compulsory to be on hold of the corresponding license valid for the current year.



You will be able to access the private area as an affiliated member with your User ID and your password.   The first time you access the system you will have to enter your passport number, both as User ID as well as password.


Entry fees’ payment will also be done through the website when registering and it can ONLY be done by credit or debit card through a safe online paying system.


This paying system belongs to the bank that usually works with the RFME, so the information will only be used by the bank and NOT by the RFME,


Once the bank authorizes the payment through credit card and you’re redirected to the RFME’s website, the entry process will be finished. In this moment you will receive an e-mail that confirms your registration and you will also be able to verify it in the area named “Mis inscripciones” inside your private area as an affiliated member as well as in the section “Listas de inscritos” in our website.


The system allows choosing the start number when registering


Riders that hold a license from a different national federation


Riders that hold a license from a different national federation must send an e-mail to rfme@rfme.com where they include the following information in order to be registered at the RFME’s website


        - Name

        - Surname

        - Nationality

        - Full address

        - Date of birth

        - Passport number (or ID number)

        - National licence number

        - Phone number

        - E-mail
        - Event
        - Date


The RFME will provide you a User Id and a password so you can register


Entry fees 2012 (€)